About Us

It all started with a football ...

Our house was divided - he's a diehard Eagles fan and I loved my Cowboys. Believe me, it was not an easy life. After the Save the Dates went out all I heard was "Sell the football! Everyone will love it!" I've been doing this for so long but branching out and selling something that was so different? How many people would really want a sports themed wedding?  So many thoughts ran through my head. And one night at 3am I did it. I set up an etsy account, held my breath, and hoped for the best. They were right - everyone has loved the football, baseball, basketball, favors, and party necklaces.

And then we got pregnant. In an insane bout of pregnancy hormones I promised Kevan that I would become an Eagles fan once the baby arrived. It was one of those things you say to bargain with the universe but never plan on following through with. But I couldn't talk my way out of it because I didn’t say it to the universe, I said it to Kevan and he held me to it. So we’re now officially an Eagles family.

 As our life and family grew so did my shop. I added baby items and home decor and every party we threw for the kids I came up with new items. That's how my mind works now - everything is a jumping point for a new product line. There are so many like me that want something unique and fun and  tailored to their tastes.

Your wedding (and your life) should be about you - not about a picture perfect scene that reflects someone else's taste. Make sure that throughout the craziness of planning and social media you take the time to breathe and reflect on what will make you happy. Make it a day and a life you'll remember because it was uniquely you.